Project New Horizons

Project New Horizons is a video game concept I'm currently developing. It's a grand strategy game about space exploration in the next few centuries.


significant society builder element with high customization

set within a single, procedurally generated solar system

only realistic technology; no warp drives!

realistic timescales: travel times of months to years

build space stations, surface settlements, asteroid mining projects

material resources: water, food, power, oxygen, fuels (hydrocarbon, radioactive, noble gas), common metals, rare metals

intangible values: education, entertainment, inspiration, loyalty

different starting conditions?: united world, gov't program, private corporation

different government styles?: communist, liberal, fascist (gross!), etc

MINIMAL combat; situations resolved diplomatically, economically, culturally

policies such as pop movement: free, restricted, forced

events: asteroid impact, pandemic, revolt/independence movement